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    Since 1992, we've been helping our clients create custom solutions to their GIS, data management, and website development needs. What can we do for you?






  • What We Do

    For over 25 years InfoCode has served hundreds of clients across the United States and Canada with customized GIS and data management solutions. How can we help you meet your goals?

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    GIS Project Management

    Let us help you map your goals

    Does your team need help on a mapping project? Let InfoCode lend their expertise to help you meet your goals. For nearly two decades, InfoCode has provided customers with computer mapping applications relating to public safety, utilities, real estate, FEMA planning, site analysis, hazard mapping, and much more. Our team of GIS professionals works with customers to customize geographic data to meet their individual needs. InfoCode bases its computer mapping on the ESRI’s ArcGIS platform, the industry standard for GIS solutions, and has created partnerships with industry-leading data providers to give our clients the highest quality, most accurate data available. We also offer the flexibility to work with client-provided data to meet the specific needs of any given project.

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    Website and eCommerce Development

    How can we assist in growing your online presence?

    Lost in the world of e-commerce and website development? Let us help you find your way. From small scale consulting to major start-to-finish websites, we've done it all. Reach out and see what we can do for you.

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    Geocoding Solutions

    Accurate, Reliable, Dependable

    InfoCode has developed a variety of tiered models for accurately geocoding virtually any type of location-based data. Whether your needs involve military, county, state or nationwide information, InfoCode’s team of knowledgeable staff can create a highly accurate spatial product for your application – with unmatched customer service.

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    Data Formatting and IT solutions

    Bringing solutions to your IT problems

    Is your team stuck on a data or IT issue that they are having a hard time overcoming. We can help! Let us lend our decades of expertise to assist you in getting out of a technology rut. We have helped dozens of small and large firms with IT and data task. We'll be happy to talk to your about what you are facing and come up with the right solution for the job.

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    Proposed Site Analysis

    Matching business with location

    Are you looking to start or expand your business, but need help finding the right location? We have the data needed to assist you in finding the area that will best match the people to your product. With our available data sources, we can create custom reports to help you make the best decisions on site planning. Our data can help give you insight on demographics, such as income level, age, gender, family size, house type, political leanings, personal interest, and much more. We can then help you visualize this data with custom maps and reports that help make sense of the stats.  

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    Consulting and Training

    Let us give your team the power of our expertise

    InfoCode offers onsite consulting and training for businesses who need help getting ready for what's next. We can help your team or staff member get up to task on using ESRI products, mapping, data task, website design and hosting, and much more. Get in touch with us and let's see if we can share our expertise with you.

  • Contact Us

    Do you think we can help you? We do too! Drop us a line.

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  • Our Promise to Our Clients

    We take great pride in the work we deliver to our customers.

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    Let InfoCode give you peace of mind; our ability to provide continually updated, accurate GIS data at a reasonable price provides the efficiencies our customers demand

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    ​InfoCode's customers can count on our dedicated support team to deliver total satisfaction, no matter the circumstances.

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    ​Combine InfoCode's experienced team and proprietary software and you get the most accurate datasets in the industry

  • Who we are

    Our Mission

    InfoCode Corporation has provided data management, software development and GIS implementation related to public safety, public utilities and local government for over 25 years.


    Each customer served by InfoCode has access to a team of programmers and analysts with unique qualifications in their fields, resulting in unparalleled customer service and results. Our main focus is to serve each client needs as our own.

    Our History

    The company was launched in 1992, specializing in land-based data management for the real estate industry. As this data management has evolved with the growth of GIS technology, InfoCode has expanded to serve the database, server and network management needs of government agencies from coast to coast.

    Our CEO

    InfoCode was founded by Jim McLeod, Jr., a graduate of the University of Tennessee-Knoxville who now serves as president of the company, overseeing the day-to-day operations of the business, developing new products and services, and seeking out new business partnerships.

    Our Team

    InfoCode's dedicated team of technicians, specialists, developers, programmers, and account managers are ready to assist you in accomplishing your goals. We have decades of experience and worked on a wide range of projects in many different industries. Reach out to us and see what our team can do for you.